At the root of all religions, buried within the symbols and allegories, is a message of spiritual Oneness. This message is found in the sacred myths, stories, art and archetypes, if only we know how to read the symbols and interpret the metaphors that lie therein.

We often think of religions at odds with each other, but in actuality they are like the many rivers flowing into to the One ocean.  At the core, every great story tells us something about our Oneness and something about duality. This is even more true of the religious stories. They are stories of good and bad, of love and hate, of wisdom and ignorance, of truth and illusion. And what lies beneath these tales, is the potential of growth and development, ultimately a path toward unity and Oneness of Being.

The theories of depth psychology are of great service to those who wish to know the unity and Oneness of Being. The psychology of Carl Jung clarifies and develops insight into the nature of archetypes and symbolism: the archetypes lead us upon path toward unity and Oneness. In Jung’s terms, this is a path toward wholeness, integration, and the unity of opposites.

By focusing on the symbolism and poetic reverie found within myth and ancient spiritual texts, Jung mapped the various symbolic forms which express of the highest potential of human beings, which he spoke of in terms of wholeness and Self-realization.

Spiritual symbolism provides guidance on the Spiritual Path: urging us forward toward wholeness and integration. Carl Jung showed that spiritual symbols emerge spontaneously within personal dreams, meditation, visions, and artistic representations. Personal dreams and artistic representations sometimes offer symbols similar to those found in ancient spiritual texts and art. If we understand that spiritual symbolism as they emerge spontaneously within psychic life, then we may come to realize the Oneness (and wholeness) is an truth at the root of all archetypal images. Oneness is the foundation of psychic life.

We might also realize that spiritual symbols transcend psychic life, emerging from that which is eternal, infinite, limitless, joy. The spiritual journey entails working with symbols and symbolic life. This is a move inward, into psychic life, into dreams and imagination. Spiritual symbols populate the inner-world, guiding us on the spiritual path. We move inward and homeward toward unity with a deep and profound reality, some call it Ultimate Reality. Contemplation of sacred texts and art inspires spiritual reverie and Self-inquiry, encouraging insight into the nature of who we really are and what it means to be living Being.

Spiritual symbols can and do help us develop wholeness and integration. The art, poetry and philosophy of the sages, mystics, and yogis is there as an aid for all future travelers upon the spiritual path. We can learn how to interpret spiritual symbols not only from depth psychology, but also from the Sages and their spiritual teachings. Through working with spiritual symbols, we can learn the ways that the symbols guides psychic energy towards the highest potentials of Being, as Oneness and Unity of Being

This blog is filled with Carl Jung’s insights in regards to the path toward integration, wholeness, and unity. It is also filled from images and art from the spiritual Beings who have lived throughout time and across various cultures. My hope is that this blog inspires spiritual reverie and encourages seekers to the realize the Oneness that unites us all.