Jenna Lilla

Jennalilla2018The Upanishads say that a sacred Oneness is found within the lotus of the heart; to know this Oneness we must untie the knots of the heart. This truth is echoed in religions from around the world. Spiritual awakening is coincident with heart opening. This is the path I am on, and I seek to share this path with others.

I started this blog in 2010 as a space to contemplate the sacred dimensions of psychic life, drawing extensively from the theories of Carl Jung. My aim was to understand Jung’s perspective on the aims and instincts of psychic life. After years of research, I came to understand that deepest and most profound instinct of psychic life is an impulse toward truth. If we follow this instinct, if we do not repress it or deny it, it will lead us not only to truth, but toward wholeness, integration, and realization of the Oneness as the root of life.

Much of my personal journey has been focused on the study of psychology and interpersonal relations. I hold the following degrees: a PhD in psychology, a MA in rhetoric and communication, and a BA in psychology. I wrote my PhD dissertation that addressed Carl Jung’s notion of the transpersonal. Beyond my academic work, I participated in various trainings and certifications: Gestalt therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, depth hypnosis, life coaching, medical Qigong. I trained in a form of spiritual development for a few years via the teachings of an Apache shaman,

In practice, I have provided both spiritual counseling and coaching. I have taught college level courses in interpersonal communication, psychology, ethics. I am currently a ‘Board Certified Coach’ through the Center for Credentialing & Education.

My journey also involved going inward, into the heart– untying the knots of ignorance. For me this process has focused on meditation, mindfulness, heart awareness, and contemplation of spiritual teachings. My parents taught me to meditate as a child and I’ve continued to meditate throughout my life. Of all the endeavors I have engaged in throughout my life, meditation is the most fruitful along with reading and contemplating ancient spiritual texts.

I am dedicated to enlightenment for myself and all beings. I am aligned with the insights of the yogis, the shamans, the artists, the dreamers, the spiritual mystics and counselors all those who endeavor into symbolic life for the purpose spiritual growth and transformation.

Although I hold a PhD in psychology, I am not a licensed psychologist. I live in the State of Oregon. In Oregon, the practice of psychology is defined as “the treatment of diagnosing or treating behavioral, emotional or mental disorders” (OR 675.010).  Although I discuss the theory of depth psychology, I do not think in terms of a ‘disorders’ model. I make use of my psychological education and training in service of understanding spiritual development and enlightenment. My work blends spiritual teachings and the theories of depth psychology so as to clarify the path and process of spiritual enlightenment.

My writings on this blog are intended to inspire spiritual thought, Self-reflection, and mindfulness. Please consult a qualified professional to determine the appropriateness of the information for your own situation or if you have any questions.